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Stéréo Compatible procédé Charlin Brevet

Our collection "The most beautiful organs", with the extract from "The Battle of Juan Cabanilles"
xtract of GBaudiovion's film available in full at this address:

Charlin disques

Original pressing quality 180gr


* Flac Digital Files: The Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) is a free lossless audio compression codec. Unlike codecs such as MP3. Compatible with most players, we offer this standard in CD quality with 16-bit sampling at 44.1 kHz on two channels (stereo) and a cutoff at 22 kHz.

**Hi-Res Audio : Le résultat proposé est en 24-bit/96 KHz « Hi-Res » sur support disque et au format ..wav pour les fichiers digitaux inclus dans le boitier collector.

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