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The Charlin's collection is expanding with Pierre Faraggi.

We are pleased to inform you of the arrival of the pianist,

Pierre Faraggi, in the Charlin collection.

For the little story...

Pierre Faraggi produced at the time under author's account recordings with Mr Charlin. In particular, an independent production produced with the help of pianist Edmond Rosenfeld on Chopin's 24 preludes. A real collector. The label of the disc is not that of Mr Charlin, but the same design as the discs of Pierre Faraggi for his Mozart sonatas. In conclusion, this is a strange record with wonderful content! Originally, no particular technique was required for the collection of Chopin's preludes.

However, it is extremely difficult to unify all the songs while clarifying the character of each of these 24 small works with various facial expressions, and then firmly assert the identity of the overall performance. It seemed logical and important to us to welcome Pïerre Faraggi to the team more than 50 years after his partnership with André Charlin and to offer you his new productions.


Pierre Faraggi likes to evoke his musical studies started late and having for framework the Normal School of Music of Paris for which he will keep a faithful attachment and which he will join later as holder of a piano class. He will jointly carry out an activity of lecturer, interpreter and writer.

Meeting Alfred Cortot is a determining factor in his development, and will certainly help him embark on a professional career as original as it is diverse. Fascinated by the atmosphere of the recording studios he discovered while assisting Alfred Cortot for the recording of Beethoven's sonatas, Pierre Faraggi created at the age of thirty his first label "prestige of French interpreters" which will host among others Madeleine de Valmalète, considered a reference in the piano, Edmond Rosenfeld one of the rare pupils of Julius Katchen, and finally the violinist Alfred Loewenguth for a complete of Mozart's piano and violin sonatas with the assistance of Françoise Doreau.

From the outset, he created the Musical Initiation Group - draft of the future Saint-Cloud Conservatory, the Friends of Music, where the greatest artists of the time would perform:

Catherine collard

Jean-Philippe Collard

Georges cziffra

Samson Francois

Jean-Bernard Pommier ...

In 1971, he created "The Pierre Faraggi Piano School" which will celebrate its forty-fifth anniversary in 2015, and which has welcomed more than three thousand students, some of whom, through their artistic or educational success, contribute to its international influence.

Entirely dedicated today to his work as a teacher and performer, he is the ardent apostle of a committed interpretive concept, nourished by the sources of knowledge, but enriched with his own emotions.

He finally creates in 1996 "Les Récitals imaginaires" and will record an anthology of Music for keyboard in the XVIIIth century then an anthology "Immortal romantic pages and finally a cycle" Robert Schumann "with the help of Patricia Faraggi. He now undertakes to visit the repertoire too neglected by "budding pianists" from the "album for young people" by Robert Schumann published in a new collection in partnership with Média Son Production, with an anthology of the most beautiful classical sonatines.

Find the Discs "Les Récitals imaginaires" on and soon on all streaming platforms.

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